Thursday, June 10, 2010

Victory for True Conservative Canidates

As many of you know I had decided a couple of months ago to dedicate my time writing emails to constituents and posting in the Letters sections of News Papers in areas where "Club for Growth PAC's" has been supporting True Conservative Candidates. While there have been a few disappointments the overall record of these Candidates has been phenomenal. I would like to share with you an email I received form Chris Chocola President of Club for Growth on 6/9.
I need to state here that my actions with Club for Growth PAC's are of my own volition and have not been discussed with nor endorsed by any member of the Rome/Floyd GA Tea Party 2010.

Dear Roger,

We did it! Or rather, you did it. Last night may have been the biggest night in the Club for Growth PAC's history. Our candidates won two huge races, including an upset win in the biggest Republican primary of the year. And we could not have done it without you. Thank you.

Thanks to your generous, timely contributions, we helped elect a new congressman in Georgia, put two world-class state legislators another step toward Congress in South Carolina, and in Nevada, pro-growth superstar Sharron Angle won the right to take on liberal Harry Reid this fall!

If you don't know Sharron's story, you will soon. She has been the strongest fiscal conservative in the state for years, was the true pro-growth conservative in the Senate race, and will give Nevadans a clear choice in the fall between Harry Reid's failed spending schemes and the pro-growth principles of limited government and economic freedom. When we endorsed Sharron, she was neck-and-neck with her opponents. In 21 days, Club members contributed more than $150,000 to her campaign, and we spent more than $400,000 in PAC dollars to help her combat the negative attacks that came in the final weeks. Your support made this victory possible.

Sharron Angle's victory last night was one of the great stories in the history of the Club's PAC: Congratulations!

In Georgia, Tom Graves won his runoff special election with 56.5 percent of the vote and is on his way to Washington, to make an immediate difference the moment he's sworn in, likely early next week. Tom will be a terrific leader for our limited government principles. Club members donated $219,109 to Tom's campaign, and thanks to your generous donations, our PAC was able to run $113,000 in TV and other ads to help him win.

In South Carolina, both of the Club PAC's endorsed candidates made their runoff elections, which will be on June 22.

In South Carolina's first district, Tim Scott led a nine candidate field to make the runoff with 31 percent of the vote. He faces Paul Thurmond, son of former Sen. Strom Thurmond in just two weeks! Tim has a terrific record as a fiscal conservative on the Charleston County Council and in the South Carolina Legislature, while Thurmond is a go-along-to-get-along politician. If Scott wins the runoff in this district, which is likely to go Republican in November, he will be the first black Republican to win in South Carolina since Reconstruction.

Last but not least, State Rep. Jeff Duncan made the runoff in South Carolina's third district, taking 23 percent in a six-candidate field in which four candidates got between 19 percent and 25 percent of the vote. Jeff has one of the best records in the South Carolina Legislature on taxes and spending, and if elected will help push the Republican leadership in Congress to stay true to limited government principles.

Sharron Angle, Tim Scott and Jeff Duncan all need your support now. All three need to replenish their campaign funds to kick start the next phase of their races. Duncan and Scott now face the shortest runoff period in American politics - just two weeks.

And Angle? She has won the battle, but now the war begins. Already just today, Harry Reid and his liberal allies have opened up their massive bank accounts to start attacking Sharron. Reid is as nasty a campaigner as he is a legislator, and he wants to smear Sharron Angle right away, before she has the resources to defend herself. Harry Reid has more than $7 million in his bank account. Sharron Angle's account is depleted.

I don't need to tell you that at this critical time, WE are those resources. Every dollar we can send to Sharron NOW is a dollar she can use defending herself from Harry Reid's political war machine and exposing Reid's liberal record. Sharron needs pro-growth, fiscal conservatives in Nevada and around the country to rally to her cause, to stand with her in what will be a brutal and expensive fight. She can win. And if she does, all America will win with her leadership in the Senate. But she needs your help, today.

I thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make our victories for limited government possible.

Best Regards,


Chris Chocola

President, Club for Growth

2001 L Street, NW, Ste 600

Washington, DC 20036

PH: 202-955-5500

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rome/Floyd GA Tea Party 2010 Eggs and Issues -Candidate Forum

Rome/Floyd GA Tea Party 2010 Eggs and Issues -Candidate Forum
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Time: 7:00am - 9:00am
Location: Landmark Restaurant, 2740 Martha Berry Highway, Rome GA

We are having a TEA Party.... breakfast and candidate forum..All tea party friends, members or not, are encouraged to gather at the Landmark Restaurant every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month for Eggs and Issues.



To reserve, e-mail or

This is your get involved, to stay involved. We need you.
Remember in November!!!! We are coming!
Congratulations to Messrs. Helton, Coomer, and Bowen for participating.
Congratulations to TEA Party 2010 for beginning the process of developing an informed electorate.

JOIN US! Reservations required

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

--Edmund Burke

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UPDATE! Here is additional information for our Rome/Floyd GA TEA Party 2010

Thursday, May 20, 6:30-9:00

In Focus Baptist Church Worship Center
710 East 1st Street
Rome, GA

across from Comcast
intersection of Glen Milner Blvd. and East 1st St.

Admission: "Packaged snacks" for SOW (Serving Others Worldwide- assisting the homeless in obtaining food, shelter, and work, empowering individuals who are motivated to become self sufficient.) Cookies, crackers, candy, chips, etc.

Donation: A donation of $2.00 will be accepted for a contribution to In Focus Baptist Church for providing the Worship Center hall and to offset other costs of the event.

Refreshments: Refreshments will not be allowed in the Worship Center. Bring your refreshments and snacks for our breaks.

RSVP: Please RSVP that you will attend by replying to this e-mail.

Involvement: This is one more way of answering the question "What can I do?" We'll develop real, tangible action plans for solving the issues we face and that concern or encourage you.


RSVP please.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Racism...Throw It Back In Their Faces! We Are For All Americans! End It Now!

If anyone hasn't been able to tell, I have of lately, been extremely pre-occupied with the racism cry against Tea Partiers. Why? Because I am a history buff. A history factualist. Because I know what has happened with racism in the history of this country and what is happening now with the accusations. Because like myself Tea Partiers are the antithesis of racist – a collection of logical, freedom-loving quasi-libertarians, who care more about the lives their children will have than their own and who could care less about anyone’s color or background. Nevertheless, self-described liberals, progressives, and Democrats persist in telling everyone that the Tea Party Movement is racist, despite the fact they have yet to produce one iota of concrete evidence to prove this absurd point.

So why cry racist when no racist incidences have happened? Why are the Democrats and the liberals spewing racism like the nozzle of a boiling tea pot (No pun intended)? The most popular explanation is their lever on political power. With 99 percent of African-Americans and 77 percent of Jewish-Americans (excuse the reactionary hyphens), not to mention a huge percentage of Hispanic-Americans, voting their way, what’s not to like? Keep America divided according to race and keep getting elected.

Putting it bluntly, the Democratic Party clings to racism because they are out of ideas. They have nothing else to say. At this point, almost everyone acknowledges liberal policies don’t work and the Dems have little they can do but call names. This is even more true of socialism, a system which has consistently shown itself to be the initial ramp on an inexorable glide path to totalitarianism. Progressivism, liberalism, call it what you will, has completely lost its appeal to the majority of Americans on an ideological level. So what’s a poor Dem to do? Wave the white flag? NO. They Cry racism!

A great contribution the Tea Party Movement could make, perhaps its greatest contribution – would be to truly smash racism. Nowadays, hyphenated racial groups do the opposite. They have become inherently reactionary, seeking to divide us as Americans for their own advantage. That preserves racism in perpetuity, just as the American people themselves are fed up with it and long since ready to move on. In effect, the Democratic Party has inadvertently turned itself into the party of racism by depending upon these vested interests to maintain power. The Tea Party Movement could overturn this. That would be truly revolutionary.

Yes....I am obsessed with this. Racism must die. Hear that! MUST DIE! The Democrats and Liberals have used it to divide this country far too long. There isn't one single, God fearing, family loving, Constitutional believing, personal rights, Tea Partier I know that ever considers race. It is the Democrats!

The Democrats brought it up. I hear many people say "just let it go" but I say now is the time to throw it back in their faces. Put the facts about racism and who is really responsible out there. Let the people that support these hypocrites know who is really on their side. On the side of all people. All AMERICANS. I believe that it is the duty of Tea Partiers everywhere not to only go into those areas they know they can win in November but to go into those areas where they say we can't win. In Georgia that is District's 2, 13, 5, 4. They say we can not win there. Why? Because people in those districts believe what the Dems say. Because people there have lived off of Government for so long that they do not know that there is better way. The Dems don't want them to.

It is the best thing for all of us. We may never kill racism. There will always be jerks in this world, but we can stop the cry that keeps a division in this country. The division that allows the loss of freedom. The division that allows socialism.

I know we are just and right in our goals. We must convince those that oppose us that this is in the best interest of us all. We must educate them. For God, For Country, and most of all for our children and their future.